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Client’s share their thoughts and experience working with The Center for Bodymind Wellness

“After many years of talk therapy to recover from an abusive childhood, my progress had stagnated and I felt unable to get to the heart of the emotions that I sensed needed to be expressed.  Working with Alecia almost immediately allowed me to begin releasing these emotions and even enhanced my regular therapy sessions.  My perspective and outlook changed rapidly from feeling helpless, hopeless and discouraged to feeling empowered and resilient.  This kind of work was a remarkable experience and proved to be the missing piece that allowed me to complete my healing.  Alecia is the most truly compassionate and committed person to be doing this work.  I honestly don’t think anyone in my lifetime has been as genuinely concerned with my well being.  While I believe wholeheartedly in the technology, it is Alecia the person that had made it so easy for me to be successful.  This is coming from a guy that has had huge difficulties with intimacy and trust.  I trust her completely, which allowed me to ‘get there’ much, much easier.   I will be eternally grateful to Alecia for all her support.”

Cullen W.
Norfolk, VA



“Alecia, I am so grateful for the work that you have done with me.  It has really helped me to see the connection between pain and my emotions.  Most of all it has given me a way to deal with it.  I will be using this technique of moving the loving energy into areas of pain in my meditations.  The session was most helpful and enlightening.  After the session my pain on my right side disappeared!  It was amazing to me how this work not only healed this area of my body but helped me to deal with the emotional and spiritual causes.  I am grateful for the healing and insights into my life.”

Virginia Beach, VA

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