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Stress, tension, grief and trauma are all stored in the body and your bodymind is trying to lead you to the solutions. As a bodymind coach and bodywork practitioner, I am devoted to working consciously and appropriately with clients who may be experiencing these conditions.


Discover how The Center for Bodymind Wellness can help you re-connect with life, live with less pain, overcome stress, and live in flow with purpose.

The majority of my clients are professionals seeking to maximize their enjoyment and joy in life. They utilize my bodymind coaching as part of a team, including their physician, personal trainer, talk therapist and other wellness professionals.


I collaborate with clients before and during each treatment, so that together we can concentrate on areas where pain and distress are found in the body, yet also work with the places where comfort and joy reside, bringing both together in a synergistic manner. In between our sessions, I follow up with clients so that we can evaluate together their progress toward achieving their treatment goals.


Each session is specifically designed for that person, on that particular day. No two sessions are alike.


My clients tell me they receive the most benefit when they schedule regular appointments (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). They have discovered that by developing their ability to listen to their bodymind, they feel more comfortable in their body, and as a result, experience improved work performance and enjoyment of their everyday lives. Best of all, they are creating a life with less pain and the ability to more efficiently handle routine stress, resulting in the realization that they can feel connected with life and those they love and live in flow with purpose.

It’s time to feel better.


I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. Whether you’re feeling disconnected or stuck, dealing with the result of stress in your body, or are struggling to experience purpose and flow in life, we can work together to awaken your bodymind to restore and regain balance.


Let’s get started! Connect with me at 757.761.9661