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Coaching and Light Bodywork to Create Connection with Yourself and Others

Most people believe their mind is in their head behind the eyes and between their ears.
That it is the part of themselves that is aware they are alive
The part they use to make decisions
– especially big decisions –
That have lasting impact on the level of joy and happiness they experience.


Most people believe this is their brain working…

What if it isn’t true?

Open yourself to a new experience. Awaken your Bodymind.

We all use expressions like “I felt it in my gut” or “I knew it in my heart”, unknowingly, we are referring to our bodymind. Our bodies contain millions of cells. Each working together mysteriously allowing us to live, function and be aware of our lives. Yet, most of us deny and even suppress the messages and the truths that our bodies are telling us.


Within each one of us lies the answers. The problem we all have is being able to listen. Our culture has taught us the answers lie in learning and using our brains and that’s all good, however, many people feel a sense of disconnect and lack of meaning. We feel that way because we are doing it backwards.


We wonder, “What is my purpose here on this earth, in this life?” We are all unique and have a specific purpose. Within the bodymind lies the answers we seek.


Once we find that answer, we can use learning and our brains to enhance our abilities to achieve and live according to that purpose, but if we are “off purpose”, we can accomplish all our goals and it’s can still feel “meaningless”.


Through a unique combination of techniques involving proven life coaching methods, eye positioning, acupressure, and light massage, I show clients how to awaken their bodymind and learn how to listen and…


Discover what brings true meaning and joy to life

Frequently Asked Questions
Who are my clients?

Stress, tension, grief, and trauma are held in the body, often beginning as pain or discomfort and manifesting into a sense of disconnect with life, work, and those we love. As a bodymind coach, I am devoted to working consciously and appropriately with clients experiencing these conditions.

What is a session like?

Each session is specifically designed for that person, on that particular day. No two sessions are alike. Sessions often include a combination of proven life coaching methods, eye positioning work, acupressure or light massage… depending on what is needed on that day.

What can I expect?

I collaborate with clients before and during each session and concentrate on areas creating disconnect, distress, and discomfort. As a result, in addition to feeling a sense of relief from the stress and tension held in the body, my clients feel more engaged, more excited, and more enthusiastic – creating the freedom to enjoy and connect with their lives.

Whether you’re facing tension and stress, find it hard to engage each day, or feel disconnected from life and those you love, we can work together to listen to your bodymind and discover the answers it is trying to give you.

What Clients Say
It’s time to feel better.


I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. Whether you’re facing physical pain, recovery from injury or dealing with the result of physical stress in your body, we can work together to help you restore and regain balance. Let’s get started!


Please call me at 757.761.9661